Stop Bad Coffee

What it is ?

The project was born in 2016 from an outside the box but forward-looking idea: make sure the customer can recognize at first sight a Caffetteria where quality coffee is served by professionals and high-quality equipment is used.

A quality trademark for Bar/Caffetteria managers to stand out from the average of many public places where coffee is mistreated and badly served.

From a manager/Barista’s point of view, joining the project means making him/herself available to a professional role (Mistery Shopping) that will evaluate the service quality following prearranged quality standards, fixed by Stop Bad Coffee.

The parameters are broadly based on: cleanlinless of the equipments, correct extractions, coffee-based beverages served following the quality standards, suitable use of the ingredients such as milk, high quality coffee etc… (through the training some of the parameters required can be achieved).

Eventually,and most importantly,we give the chance to stand out from the crowd and define your activity as “Real Quality Certificate” worth, assuring your clients to know in advance they will receive a top service.

You don’t become a partner or associate, a fixed annual price is paid to be certified for the excellence you offer your clients on a daily basis.

We need to start saying STOP to Bad Coffee!